Algerian / Australian KADER BOUMZAR (nicknamed ‘G20’), BEST “MATES” with giggly BAILEY CLOUT


KADER BOUMZAR / BAILEY CLOUT!-Part-2-discussing-racial-tension-in-the-US-abroad&p=3572927&viewfull=1#post3572927

KADER BOUMZAR (Algerian) … word is the “mate” is Bailey Clout – the guy who could’ve stopped it all before it even started, but chose to giggle & record instead.


KADER BOUMZAR – I was drunk stupid. Just call me BOSS

Kader meme

MILLIONS OF DEBUT HITS Kader Boumzar video

KADER BOUZMAR Get real, u freakin morons. I woz only joking


KADER BOUZMAR has left the train

Get real, u freakin morons. I woz only joking. Wot sorta soft cock  wrote this crap about me? You wanna get off da train and fight me? C’mon I dare ya. This is the racist loudmouth Kader Boumzar . Please help, and download this video (as evidence), then forward to your own media, police or government. International attention will be on Australia for the upcoming G20 in November 2014. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and the WORLD needs to eradicate racism, especially this kind of public behaviour. (Channel 9 television claims it was filmed at Indooroopilly train station in a fashionable upmarket suburb of Brisbane). The video has been circulating around the world to gather support to internationally shame and prosecute this person. More than just an apology is required.

KADER BOUZMAR – Proud WHITE Australian (How do I get rid of the BLACK background on this page?)

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