JOSPHAT MKHAWANANZI hero Zimbabwean-born guard moved STRAYA 2006

KADER BOUMZAR so very sorry to everyone. I loves you JOE and all our broes around da world including da millions and millions and millions dat view dat viral vid. Did it really get to 10 million hits? Geez me be humbered. What was I thinking @ bestie BAILEY CLOUT you a good bloke too. YOU JOE Josphat Mkhawananzi is da true legend and deserve the certificate of recognition that the Queensland Premier gave you on television tonight. Thanks for not dobbing or passing judgement on me, This helps restore faith in humanity and makes me want to be a better person juz like you Joe mate.


Algerian-born Abdel Kader Russell Boumzar and Zimbabwe-born Josphat (JOE) Mkhwananzi

Abdel-Kader Russell- Boumzar

Abdel-Kader Russell- Boumzar says SORRY

Josphat Mkhawananzi

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, JOSPHAT MKHAWANANZI hero Zimbabwean-born guard, and Scott Emerson Minister for Transport and Main Roads


KADER BOUMZAR Gallery of Legends

KADER BOUMZER and bestie BAILEY CLOUT Australian racists released after being fined $400

Me bestie BAILEY C LOUT and me boys be gangstas own this freakin G20 KADER BOUMZAR  Brisbane Queensland small time town, Australia country STRAYA world. Me free taxpayer lawyer worded us juz right. See how BIG we smile laugh on da world television news. No firkin stooges got nuthin on me. How much u gonna pay me Kader Boumzar LEGEND to appear on your shows now starfarkers?

‘Disgusting, appalling behaviour’: Train racist who launched vile tirade against security guard gets bail – while Australia rallies around his victim ‘Joe’

  • Abdel-Kader Russell-Boumzar, 17, has been granted conditional bail after a racial outburst at Brisbane train guard, Josphat Mkhwananzi
  • Bailey Clout, 18, who admitted to filming the incident has been fined $400
  • It’s alleged Russell- Boumzar spat at ‘Joe’ after he told him to remove his feet from the seat and hurled racial abuse
  • Magistrate said, Clout, may have done police a huge favour when he decided to film the attack
  • Footage which went viral, has sparked widespread anger from the community   
  • ‘I would be proud to call him ‘fellow Australia’, there was an out pour of support for ‘Joe’ from the community  

A teenager who shot to internet infamy after allegedly being filmed spitting in the face of a Brisbane train guard during a racist tirade has been granted conditional bail, despite police objections.

Abdel-Kader Russell-Boumzar had turned 17 only three days before he allegedly abused Queensland Rail employee Josphat Mkhwananzi, at the Indooroopilly station on October 2, heard the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday.

Russell-Boumzar, a second-year apprentice mechanic, allegedly spat at and repeatedly hurled racist slurs at African descent, Mr Mkhwananzi, after the security guard told him to remove his feet from the seat of a train on the Ipswich line. The vile attack, labeled ‘disgusting’ by the magistrate, was filmed and uploaded on youtube by Russell-Boumzar’s friend, Bailey Clout, 18, who pleaded guilty and received bail and a $400 fine. 



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KADER BOUMZAR genuine remorse in court deemed as real evidence

Wot a BEAT UP all youse STARFARKER stooges. U be bitchen when u hear wot KADER BOUMZAR got off with !    A 17-year-old from Brisbane and an 18-year-old from Ipswich who respectively filmed and appeared in a five minute video documenting the abhorrent racial vilification of a Queensland train guard have overnight been charged with a number of offences, including two counts each creating a nuisance on a railway, as well as assault occasioning bodily harm and threatening violence, common assault and using a carriage service to menace or harass. Next stop: prison.



The severity of the October 2nd incident – which has been condemned by both all those who are of sound mind and Prime Minister Tony Abbott alike – only came to widespread public attention over the weekend after the teen who filmed the vile altercation inexplicably uploaded the video to social media. Queensland Police assistant commission Alistair Dawson noted that its gravitas was only made apparent to police late Saturday night and has made an appeal for further witnesses to the incident to come forward. Dawson told AAP reporters that they also expect to consult with the Department of Justice to investigate the potential for further charges of racial vilification.

The 18-year-old, widely identified in the media and on his own social media channels as Kader Boumzar, handed himself into police on Sunday. Both parties will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court later today to face and hopefully feel the full brunt of the charges that have been levelled against them. The Courier Mail add that Boumzar could face jail time with a maximum sentence of seven years.

Good riddance.