Yo stooges. Whose da mugs and racists now? Your Facebook name profile and page NOT FOUND in international news or history books of da future. Carnt u carnts see how me KADER BOUMZAR thru my stoooooopid drunken immature act has united STRAYA da world humanity. Cos now I is a freakin HUMANITARIAN inspired by Sir Joe Guard that me luvs and respects so much he never slapped me around or nuthin. Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here. Me be feeling true STRAYAN atm so I gonna approve your starfarka comment sose youse stooges can get ur jollies looken at it. Its kinda tag like but u arrive late cos GAME OVER and every one lived happy KADE BOUMZAR 4ever. Me got da power to make ur dumbass comment public. Most graffiti starts out small, and as vandals like u stooge become better at creating graffiti, they will use a lot of space for their work and start networking with other graffiti artists. When that happens, vandals may start to compete with each other. – See more at:    http://www.cleanlink.com/cp/article/Graffiti-Psychology-Why-Vandals-Strike–1131#


One thought on “KADER BOUMZAR now a freakin HUMANITARIAN


    ◾Oct 2014: Algerian-born ABDEL-KADER Russell-Boumzar unleashes a 5 minute rant “Learn some f**king English, you c*nt!”“Do you have citizenship, you f**king nigger?” , while allegedly spitting at a Zimbabwean-born security guard on a Brisbane train, while BOUMZAR’s giggly sidekick Bailey Clout films the incident. Seven days later, Boumzar and Clout upload the video to online social media sparking worldwide outrage and hatred.

    ◾ Sept 2014: Muslim woman’s head is slammed into a train carriage and she is racially abused on a Melbourne train

    ◾Aug 2014: An Aboriginal woman launches a racist attack on an Asian woman on a Perth train

    ◾July 2014: Sydney woman Sue Wilkins is filmed verbally abusing an Asian train passenger, saying: “Why did you come to this country? This is our country” and pulling her eyes to appear slanted

    ◾April 2014: Woman calls an African man a “black c*nt” on a Melbourne train * April 2014: Musician Kym Purling is spat on and abused in an unprovoked racist attack on an Adelaide bus

    ◾Feb 2014: Two women are filmed abusing a 77-year-old visually impaired passenger on a Gold Coast bus, saying: “Oh bro we’re in Abo land”. The man himself later said he was not indigenous.

    ◾April 2013: A man yells at two Korean people on a Sydney bus about the Japanese bombing of Australia during World War II and calls them “f**king bastards”.

    ◾November 2011: Two men racially abuse a French woman on a Melbourne bus, telling her to “speak English or die” and threatening to cut her with a box-cutter.




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